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High-Tech, Efficient Software for Streamlined Pari-Mutuel Management Reporting and Settlements

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The Most Efficient, Least Expensive Racing Software You Can Own

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Streamline your racetrack's or OTB's pari-mutuel reporting, accounting, and settlements and casino operations for improved business exchanges using this high-performing racing software. Designed with built-in customization, the Chips and Bits racetrack application simplifies operations so that you can support your settlements and accounting processes of any kind of track. Eliminate error and inefficiency today.

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Once you've selected the Chips and Bits racing software, installation, training, and support services for the software comes with it at no additional charge...ever! There's also no charge for customizing the application to your track or OTB, your local situation, and/or your state's unique reporting requirements.


Make reporting and settlements easy.


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About Chips and Bits Software, Inc.

Our owners created the Chips and Bits software to efficiently capture tote wagering data to create a database for reporting, accounting, and settlements. We were the first company to successfully automate this import process. Our business incorporated our business in 1995. Our years of experience and expertise give us the ability to adequately serve you, as well as troubleshoot any process of the program at any time. We would enjoy telling you more about our support services or program, so if you would like to know more, reach out to us.

"Chips & Bits (software) streamlines my whole process because it's tailored for our business. Processes and reports that used to take a day and a half to tally up and generate now take about 20 minutes. Without Chips & Bits, I'd have to have two additional people on my staff. Meanwhile, the software is only as good as the support, and these guys have been terrific." — David W., Controller, The Meadows Racetrack, Meadowlands, PA
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