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C&B Mutuel Manager® Software, Optimizing Your Reporting & Settlements Process

What used to take hours to complete in the racetrack business can now be done in seconds using the Mutuel Manager® software from Chips and Bits Software, Inc. This Windows-based system performs a variety of recordkeeping functions with 100% accuracy to optimize your processes. Its capabilities include accepting the tote system's daily feeds of raw information, as well as extracting, combining, and storing that information for future reporting. It does all this with minimal clerical input.


  • Scalability (Can Be Efficient & Productive At the Largest or Smallest Tracks or OTBs)
  • Easy To Learn
  • Easy To Use
  • Customized
  • Easy To Install


Chips and Bits Software, Inc. makes waiting for information a thing of the past, thanks to the speed and sophistication of the Handle/Pools module, which lets tracks know the previous day's handles and pools totals first thing the next morning. With the Handle/Pools report, you can compare figures and totals from day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year. The flexible reporting capabilities let tracks break down handle by breed, individual races (when required), and even provides customized state tax reporting and purse calculations. It also provides customized exports to any application. When you need information daily, there's no more waiting or the tedium of entering information by hand onto a spreadsheet. With Chips and Bits, all you have to do is push a button, and critical information is at your fingertips.

The rules are clear. At the end of the day, you have to settle on both the money room side and the host fee side. The settlements module makes this simple by letting you:

  • Easily Set Up the Host Fees for Any Track, Then Forget About It
  • Conveniently Break Down the Hubs Into Individual Sources
  • Easily Identify & Manage Non-Co-Mingled Handle
  • Accurately Calculate Standard Host Fees & Host Fees for Special Races & Special Pools

Accounts Payable/Receivable
The AP/AR module takes input from the Settlements module and generates AP/AR information that provides invoicing by the settlement agent. This improves your cash flow because literally minutes after month's end, you can generate and send accurate invoices. Additionally, the system is structured to provide full backup for those bills, so if there are ever any questions about accuracy, the backup reports answer them. Also, depending upon the settlement agent's requirements, the AP/AR invoices can be specialized to show net imports and exports.

This module shows the number of tickets sold and the amount of handle collected by tellers and machines. This then becomes an indispensable management tool for deploying resources. Because with Productivity information, you now know when to put more clerks on duty, and where to put them.

Budget Planning
This tool lets you customize your pari-mutuel budget according to your corporate requirements. Mutuel Manager helps to forecast revenues. It provides a planning tool that allows tracks to estimate handle by source, source type, location, or almost any other variable. It gives you reports to compare forecasts to actuals for customized planning periods.

W2g Filing Report
You can process and format W2g information accurately so it can be sent electronically to the IRS at the end of the year. It also provides people with detailed reports of their track winnings.

This module reports accurately on the outstanding tickets by track and incorporates this information into money room reports.

Payroll Assistant
With Payroll Assistant, you can keep track of the time live tellers spend on their terminals, then customize a time sheet for each teller according to requirements of the track. This module also lets you accommodate special activities for tellers, then calculates gross wages automatically.