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"We used to do everything manually, and Chips & Bits saves hours and hours every day. We needed between 125-130 settlement statements to go to other tracks around the country, so Chips & Bits incorporated that statement into the "Settlement" module. This was a significant upgrade ... and it was free! Without Chips & Bits, this would have taken three people four days vs. ten minutes."
Anita H., Simulcast Auditor
Mountaineer Racing & Gaming
Chester, WV

"Chips & Bits' program was very easy to use and understand. With this program, one person can do what it used to take three people to do ... it cuts nine hours of work down to one. At the end of month, it used to take a day and a half to get settlement reports typed up; now I can do the same thing in 15 minutes ... and I don't have to sacrifice accuracy for speed. I have complete faith that the numbers I send to other tracks are 100% correct."
Kelly S., Settlement Accountant
Vernon Downs/Tioga Downs
Vernon, NY

"Chips & Bits software has been the difference between night and day. It's user-friendly, incredibly fast and totally accurate. In fact, since we've been using it, mistakes are unheard of. During live season, I used to spend three hours a day working on settlements — assuming that everything balanced. With Chips & Bits, I'm done in 15 to 20 minutes. Better still, the service we get from Kathy Barker is nothing short of fantastic!"
Anita W., Controller
Scioto Downs
Columbus, OH

"I've worked with other systems at other tracks, and when I compare them with Chips & Bits? ... well, there's just no comparison. Chips & Bits is light years better, faster and more accurate. If you're looking for a simpler way to manage not just your settlement department, but your whole race track operation, I recommend Chips & Bits. In fact, I recommended it to another track, they installed it a month ago, and the manager says he'd wished I told him about Chips & Bits five years ago ... it's that good."
Mike N., Director of Mutuel Operation
Canterbury Park
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN